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Xilium-G Gaming Chair

£900.00 + VAT
£1,080.00 inc. VAT

Brand Nowy Styl

Xilium-G Gaming Chair by Now Styl 

The Question: Are you on the Red Team or Blue Team?

The Xilium-G is one of the most advanced gaming chairs on the market and has been tried and tested by the X-Com AGO Polish professional Counter-Strike players for the ESL Pro League 2022.

When you're concentrating on the game in hand, you want to sit in a chair that supports your every move, this is where the Xilium-G and its X-Move come in.

X-Move allows you to move in the chair, the patented backrest will follow, support and comfort you where required.

Adjustable headrest with stylish Xilium-G Logo there to support you while you get your game on.

Unique Duo-back with lumbar support allows maximum support without pressure on the spine and allows up to 30-degree tilt and rocking movement. 

XD Multi-adjustable armrests with soft arm pads for improved comfort while gaming.

The Xilium-G Can be adjusted to suit people with different body sizes as it's been designed to suit user's weight 45kg - 150kg

XiliumG is an eco-friendly gaming chair because approximately 96% of the materials can be recycled after the end of the chair's life cycle. Seat and backrest cushions are easy to disassemble - a helpful function when upholstery cleaning is necessary.

The use of breathable and durable upholstery and appropriate foam density ensure comfortable use for a longer time. XiliumG is equipped with high-quality components, which results in a five-year warranty. Psst… we tell you a secret that you will use XiliumG for a longer time.

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