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Hood Seating i29 Ergonomic Mesh Chair - Fabric Seat

£760.00 £570.00 + VAT
£684.00 inc. VAT

Brand Hood Seating

Elevate Your Work Experience with the Hood Seating i29 Ergonomic Mesh Chair – Fabric Seat.

Discover the perfect fusion of innovation and comfort with the Hood Seating i29 Ergonomic Mesh Back Chair with Black Fabric Seating. Crafted with meticulous attention to ergonomic details, this chair is your ultimate solution for optimal support and comfort during those long working hours.

🌟 Key Features that Elevate Your Seating Experience 🌟

Thoracic Support (Upper Back & Shoulders): Maintain a comfortable and natural posture throughout your workday. The i29 offers excellent upper back and shoulder support for enhanced productivity.

Floating Lumbar and Pelvic Support: Experience continuous lumbar support that adjusts automatically as you move. Say goodbye to lower back discomfort with the patented floating lumbar system, which also promotes a healthier sitting posture.

Locking Height-Adjustable Aluminium Back: Find your perfect recline position with ease. Lock the backrest at any angle for personalized comfort and work preferences.

Direct Tension Control: Achieve the ideal recline resistance. The extendable direct tension control adapts to users weighing between 8 to 23.5 stone (roughly 50.8 kg to 149.7 kg), ensuring a balanced and comfortable recline experience.

Dual-Pivot Mechanism: Emulate your body's natural movement. The dual-pivot mechanism provides articulation points beneath the thighs and sitting bones, delivering continuous support and reducing thigh pressure during active movement.

Waterfall Seat Design: Experience enhanced comfort during long hours of sitting. The chair's waterfall seat design reduces pressure behind the knees, offering unparalleled comfort.

Fully Adjustable 4D Arms: Customize your arm support for optimal comfort. Adjust armrest length, width, height, and angle to suit your preferences.

Pictorial Buttons: Effortless adjustments at your fingertips. Intuitive pictorial controls simplify seat height, seat depth, and advanced dynamic movement adjustments.

Mainland UK Delivery: Fast and reliable! 48 Hour Mainland UK Delivery (except Highlands, Ireland, and Offsure) Call for price 01733 202080. Your chair will be at your doorstep promptly, transforming your workspace in no time.

Warranty: Rest easy with a 5 or 10 year Single-Shift Use Warranty. The i29 showcases its durability and quality, backed by our manufacturer's confidence.

Optional Enhancements: Tailor your chair to your preferences. Choose from optional headrest styles and even opt for an armless configuration, all while maintaining the chair's exceptional design.

Elevate your workspace, productivity, and well-being with the Hood Seating i29 Ergonomic Mesh Chair – Fabric Seat. Experience unparalleled comfort, support, and style today. Your ultimate ergonomic solution awaits!

For more information on the hood seating range and best UK prices, please feel free to contact a member of the customer service team on 01733 202080.