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Step 1: Send us your measurements

If you can roughly measure the room that your looking at changing and send it to us at .

Your plan doesn't have to be anything too technical or detailed. We just require the basics:

  1. Overall internal size of all walls (please make a note of skirting or power trunking etc)
  2. Position of doors (and windows if possible)
  3. Rough area you'd like the furniture placed in (and if you have any ideas you would like us to try and fit)
  4. Are there any posts or pillars obstructing the area?
  5. Please remember to put your contact details on the design 

Step 2: Creating the layout 

Then we can provide a detailed space efficient 2D Design working with your brief 

We will be able to suggest the most efficient use of space and where possible supply alternative layouts for you to consider.

Once the 2D design is approved we can offer the service of 3D planning to show you the finished article 


Step 3: Choosing the right product 

Once the designs have been agreed, we will work closely with you to source the right products to suit you budget, lead times and design.


Remember to send your measurements to or contact us on 01733 202080