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Hood Seating F94 24HR Ergonomic Mesh Chair

£500.00 £375.00 + VAT
£450.00 inc. VAT

Brand Hood Seating

Introducing the F94-101-M Mesh Office Chair - Your Ultimate Seating Solution for Unparalleled Comfort and Productivity!

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Experience the epitome of ergonomic excellence with our F94-101-M Mesh Office Chair, crafted to elevate your work experience to new heights. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, uninspired seating and embrace a chair designed to support your well-being while boosting your focus and productivity.

The F94-101-M comes equipped with a range of features that redefine the concept of optimal seating:

✨ Thoracic Support: The upper back design provides exceptional thoracic support, ensuring a posture that invigorates rather than strains.

✨ Adjustable Backrest: Find your ideal position with a 5-setting height-adjustable backrest, tailored to your unique preferences.

✨ Integrated Lumbar Support: The F94-101-M boasts an integrated lumbar support system that cradles your lower back, reducing strain and promoting better posture. The height-adjustable Lumbar Panel lets you fine-tune the support to your liking.

✨ Breathable Mesh Upholstery: Our chair features robust soft-weave mesh upholstery that allows for optimum ventilation and pressure distribution, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout your workday.

✨ Dynamic Movement: Take control with a single paddle level that activates seat height adjustment and dynamic movement, allowing you to find the perfect balance between comfort and engagement.

✨ Tension Control: Tailor the chair's resistance to your liking, ensuring a seamless and smooth reclining experience.

✨ Synchronised Mechanism: With a 2:1 ratio synchronised mechanism, the F94-101-M offers synchronized movement between the seat and backrest, promoting a harmonious and supportive sitting experience. The seat depth can be easily adjusted in two positions for added versatility.

✨ Waterfall Mesh Seat: The rounded waterfall mesh seat front minimizes pressure on your legs, enhancing blood flow and reducing fatigue.

✨ Multifunctional Armrests: Enjoy the flexibility of soft-touchpad multifunctional armrests that can be easily removed to suit your preference.

✨ Premium Build: The F94-101-M boasts an aluminium five-star base as standard, ensuring durability and stability that will stand the test of time.

But that's not all! The F94-101-M is BS 5459 accredited, meaning it has undergone rigorous testing and is certified suitable for users weighing 8st - 23.5st.

The F94 is suitable for 24-hour use so you can rest assured that your well-being is in safe hands.

As a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer free next 48-hour  delivery to mainland UK, ensuring you receive your F94-101-M Mesh Office Chair promptly and hassle-free.

Are you ready to take your seating experience to the next level? Embrace the unparalleled comfort, support, and style of the F94-101-M from Hood Seating. Don't miss out on the best UK prices and our latest offer! Contact us now at 01733 202080 to claim your perfect seating solution. Elevate your workspace with Hood Seatings F94 today!

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