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Which Ergonomic Chair is best

Which ergonomic chair is best ?


It's the age old question I get ask on a daily basis, so let go through a few and see the benifits.


Herman miller Aeron Chair now this is a very well engineered chair which offers lots of nice features,height adjustable pivioting arms, forward tilt tilt limiter, two lumbar options lumbar bar or posturefit finished with a selection of mesh colours and has and amazing 12 year warranty.

Customer rate this chair very highly apart from one thing no headrest and is highly priced.


RH logic 400 has height and width adjustable armrest, seat depth adjustment, back height and rake adjustment with inflatable lumbar support and free float mechanism which allows the chair to move with you. Optional headrest, xl seat pad and coccyx cut out in seat.

Everyone that I have set up this chair up for ends up purchasing this item due to the fact it is built to suit the end user. 10 year warranty highly priced but worth every penny.


Hag 5600 this chair is extremely comfortable looks different but looks are not everything when it comes to comfort. This chair has height adjustable armrest that swing back behind the chair so you can get close to your workstation, also features adjustable headrest and its unique one wheel adjustment system.

10 year warranty and I think it looks great mid to high price depends on your setup.


Orangebox Do Chair is an affordable ergonomic chair which allows you to build the chair to suit your requirements.

Do has height adjustable armrest with an optional lumbar pad,sliding seat and a syncronous mechanism, the chair also has many colour options so you can personalise the chair

5 year warranty entry level to mid price point.


Now out of the four chairs in question which would i say is the best:

I personally like the RH logic 400 My reason very comfortable and suits my neck position (car accident injury)


For looks the Do chair from Orangebox Looks amazing.


The HAG is very comfortable and extremely easy to use and the only reason I didnt buy one was the lead time .

Now the Aeron chair is a fantastic chair very well engineered and an amazing 12 year warranty 24/7 use the only reason I don't use this chair is because i need a head rest    



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November 05, 2012 by Jason Nicholls
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