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Why does the office have to be boring

I was looking over some plans the other day for a new project and what the customer was looking at was lets just as a very boring, there was no wow factor to inspire me or the people that was working there.

However i decided to show the client something so new its still warm from the factory.


I would like to introduce the new stem storage systems and swoop breakout furniture from Herman Miller, both items have a huge range of colours, finishes and are completely customizable to the clients needs.


Now tell me you wouldn't be happy with a workplace that stood out from the crowd offering you plenty of storage for all items but looking great at the same time.


Most of my customers get positive feed back from there staff because they feel like they have been looked after and most importantly they feel valued which in turn the work that little bit harder.


Its amazing what a chair can offer your company if you was to purchase a ergonomic chair for a member of staff with a bad bad or neck issues as an example.


staff member (sorry cant make it into work today bad back) how much has that just cost your company, now if the staff member was sitting correctly before the issues really started your company would have less down time from staff members,meaning your company make more money as your staff are now one more productive two happy and three valued.


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October 19, 2012 by Jason Nicholls
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