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What Is The Perfect Height For Your Desk?

What Is The Perfect Height For Your Desk?

The real answer is everyone is different so make it the height you want.

Did you know that the average height for a person is increasing, yet the standard height for desks has remained unchanged for over 30 years? Here at new image office design ltd, we now have regular visits from customers and assessors looking for products to suit their specific needs.

The simple fact is that standard office furniture is not always suitable so let’s have a look at alternative products.

The Law

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (as amended) apply where employees use computers and other display screens as a significant part of their normal day-to-day work.

We are able to offer DSE workstation assessments and provide reports based on our findings.

If you would like to book in or contact us about DSE workstation assessments for your business call 01733 202080


The correct position to be sitting at is to have your feet firmly on the floor, raise the chair up as high as possible, bend your arms at a comfortable right angle, and then this is the perfect desk height for you

There are several options for resolving desk height issues:

The first option is Desk raisers: These simple blocks of plastic go under the desks feet and increase the height in 25mm increments; you can only raise the desk up to 50mm with these discs safely.

The second option is an advanced height settable desk. The height of the desk can be altered at the time of installation allowing the ideal height to be selected. This is the sturdiest cost-effective solution.

The Third option is an adjustable crank or gas strut desk which allows the user to manually adjust the level of the desk to the correct height with little effort.

Crank handle desk adjustment range 650mm – 850mm

Gas strut desk adjustment range 685mm – 1185mm

The 4th and final solution is to set up an imove electric height adjustable desk, the electric mechanism allows the user to alter the desk height without any difficulty. So you can actually use the desk to sit and stand at, so giving you the maximum versatility when it comes to your working posture.

This desk comes as standard with 3 programmable settings, which allows the user to save the perfect sitting and standing heights as well as having the ability to adjust the desk independently.

If you’re looking to talk to someone with regards to workplace ergonomics feel free to contact

Jason Nicholls on 01733 202080 to discuss your requirements
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