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Working From Home During Covid

Its fair to say life this year has been challenging and here at new image office design ltd are here to help as best we can.

We can get you set up nice and comfortable in your shiny new home office or even set up you with that nice new chair you have been wanting for a while.

Working from home has some plus side close to the home comforts tea, coffee, cake and you dont have to worry about the daily commute to the office.

So what we would recommend for your home office.

First question are you a laptop user of desktop pc. 

Both will require a suitable desk that's set to your preferred height.

next if your a laptop user we would recommend a laptop stand to raise the screen height to suit your eye line and a secondary keyboard and mouse.

vertical mice are brilliant and feel more comfortable on the wrist but do take some time to get use to (call for details on accessories as not everything is on the website as its shiny and new and still having products loaded 01733202080).

Desktop PC 

Monitor arm to raise the screen level with eye line saves on slouching and help with poor posture and improves breathing if your sat up.

Now for the chair 

Well what can I say there are loads of fabulous chairs available now so you are spoiled for choice 

I would always go for a full adjustable chair so you can set it up to what best suits you. however just because you set it doesn't mean you can leave it alone after all we are built to move around have a play with the chair and leant haw it move with you.

My personal favourites at different price points are as follows. 

RH Logic 400 this chair for me was a life saver as i was involved in a car crash and it was the only chair that personally supported me where is needed it the inflatable lumbar support fit the curve of my back perfectly and the neck roll sat in the arch of my neck and help support my head.

The free float moment was set up to my body weight so help support me as i moved around doing daily tasks (need to get use to the movement of the chair but well worth it in the long run).

This chair can be specified to the users preference ie height adjustable arm rests, neckrest, lumbar support, coccyx cut out seat and huge choice of fabric colours the list goes on.

10 year warranty. 

5 - 7 Day mainland uk delivery. 

if your looking for a ergonomic chair please feel free to contact us and we can discuss what chair is best suited for your needs on 01733 202080 

Viasit DrumBack

This chair is a German engineered product which offer excellence comfort levels and has a full line up of items to help you sit more comfortably.

  • Automatic weight tension
  • Synchromatic mechanism with fine-tuning control
  • Backrest shell covered with breathable mesh
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Height adjustable armrests 
  • Lumbar support
  • Drumback is available in black, telegrey or iron grey
  • Fast track ranges 5-7 days delivery  
  • 5 year warranty

Niod Ergonomics Range 

Here at Niod we are always looking to find new solutions to help people, so we created the affordable ergonomic range.

This is a range of chairs that can be adapted with different parts to suit the users requires. 

  • Posture High Back
  • Enhanced Moulded Foam Cushions
  • Modern Posture Curved Backrest
  • Ratchet Backrest Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Synchro Mechanism
  • Optional Seat Slide
  • Generous Double Curved Seat
  • Fully Tested Underseat Controls
  • Optional Inflatable Lumbar Support
  • Multiple Arm Options Available
  • Black Moulded Base As Standard

The beauty of this range means you get a fully adjustable chair at an affordable price point and its made in the uk, so fast lead times made in 10 days and good warranties 5 years ,which is perfect for people working at home or in a busy offices

Call today to discuss your office on 01733202080 or email us your details and we can contact you :

October 16, 2020 by Jason Nicholls
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